Roman Rivera Center for Business Development

We offer monthly meetings for friends of Roman Rivera to discuss the problems and issues each of us are having in our current business environment.

We typically discuss a business subject at length where we have an open forum to share what our experience as show us to work and not work. We free share of experience with the hope to help guide those that are looking to move forward in this area have greater success.

If we come upon a point where no one has had the opportunity to experience failure or success from attempting the task then we break off into teams and research the subject at length each team finding resources that might be useful to accomplish the goal.

We often pick several books to read from and gather the following month to discuss what we have learned. After we perform an exercise of the research business activity and weight the results the following month. We keep records of that success. We also make notes of what can be done to improve it for a higher rate of success.

Contact for more information on our current programs.

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